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Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Philosophy of Dress

Feminist philosopher Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935), suffragist, novelist, and economist, spent a lot of her life thinking about clothes.  She considered herself a dress reformer, but was not interested in the extremes of bloomers or pants.  Instead, she followed her … Continue reading

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Peggy Guggenheim, Fashion Eccentric

I offer this 1950 portrait of Peggy Guggenheim as part of my ongoing effort to trace the history of older fashion eccentrics. Guggenheim was 52 here, just barely meeting my arbitrary cut off for an older woman. The sunglasses are … Continue reading

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Louise Nevelson’s Chinchilla Lined Coat

Once described as “a cross between Catherine the Great and a bag lady,” the artist Louise Nevelson (1899-1988) was an eccentric dresser. Born in the Russian Empire and raised in Maine, she left for New York as soon as she … Continue reading

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Fifteen Ways to Emphasize Shortness and Stoutness, 1939

Although this two page spread is ostensibly about height and weight, I think the real message is to warn against eccentric dress. The woman on the right has clothes and accessories that coordinate and follow current fashion guidelines. The woman … Continue reading

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Country Mouse, City Mice

Although I come from the vast suburban expanse of Southern California, I felt very much like a country mouse when I met the idiosyncratic fashionistas on the streets of New York. Well known in certain circles for their own blog … Continue reading

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Vogue Endorses Fashion Eccentrics, 1935

In article called “The Middle Ages,” (July 1, 1935) Vogue offered a long list of fashion “don’ts” for those no longer young. Here’s an abbreviated version: Don’t wear bias skirts; contrasting belts; very low necklines; bright colors; or skimpy bathing … Continue reading

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Sylvia–Feminist Icon

It is hard to imagine a comic strip featuring a loud mouthed fiftyish feminist these days, but Nicole Hollander’s “Sylvia” had quite a run. First published in the late 1970s, it was syndicated in eighty American newspapers in its heyday. … Continue reading

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Twin Talk

Ever since I discovered the Texas Twins, I have been interested in what these very close pairs wear as they age.  My local newspaper, the LA Times, recently featured a story on the death of a famous San Francisco twin, … Continue reading

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Sonia Levienne—a Fashion Eccentric in the Sixties

Before the Russian American designer Valentina started her own company, she had a brief partnership with Sonia Levienne, another Russian émigré.  Their collaboration, called Valentina and Sonia, didn’t last long. Perhaps it was because of their very different aesthetics.  While … Continue reading

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Are You a Fashion Eccentric?

The notoriety of nonagenarian fashion originals like Iris Apfel, as well as some of the women featured in Ari Seth Cohen’s blog Advanced Style, has gotten me thinking about older women who aren’t afraid to stand out in a crowd. … Continue reading

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