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The Nine Lives of Lee Miller

American-British photographer Lee Miller (1907-1977) had quite a resume.  Here is a short list of her occupations: fashion model, artist’s model, fashion photographer, art photographer, photo journalist, chef, and food writer. She was muse to and collaborator with the artist … Continue reading

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An American in Moscow, 1959

I hope you’ll indulge me in one last post about the American National Exhibition in Moscow in 1959. The model  Mary Whelchel, who wore clothes aimed towards older women in the popular fashion show, was a curious traveler. Although clothes … Continue reading

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Book Review: Fashion and Age by Julia Twigg

This slim volume, just 150 pages, packs a big punch. British sociologist Julia Twigg examines current writing on the body, fashion, and aging; she also conducts her own research on how older women see their clothing choices and how fashion … Continue reading

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Pearly Queens

Unlike most historians, I am not much of a collector. When I finish a project, I get rid of the research materials (finding a good home for them, of course.)  I purge my fabric stock and don’t save sewing patterns … Continue reading

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Burda Magazine, 1978

Burda is a famous name in the sewing world.  For over sixty years, the company has published a monthly fashion magazine with sewing patterns included. It was begun by Aenna Burda, wife of a German publishing magnate, in 1950. By … Continue reading

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A Comparative Perspective

On our recent trip to Southern England (Oxford, Bath, London), my husband and I kept on the outlook for older women.  I’ve included a sampling of his photographs here. Although my conclusions are impressionistic, I thought there were real differences … Continue reading

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The Fashion Museum in Bath, England

On my recent trip to England, I made a side trip to the beautiful small town of Bath primarily to visit its fashion museum.  Of course, I also took in the stunning Georgian architecture of this gem of a town, … Continue reading

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What to Wear to a Cold War Summit, 1959

During the late 1950s, when Nikita Khrushchev came to power in the Soviet Union, there was a brief thaw in the Cold War.  One sign of the shift was a big exhibit of American products, architecture, and fashion at Sokolniki … Continue reading

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Enid Gilchrist’s Seventies Styles

Since I was born long before the age of personal computers, I do not take the internet for granted.  It still seems miraculous to me that I can order up rare books, gorgeous fabric, and knitting lessons from my office … Continue reading

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Smart Accessories for Wartime

During the Second World War, most combatant countries had rationing programs that included clothes and textiles. A bibliophilic friend from England sent me this wonderful little pamphlet, Smart Accessories to Make from Bits and Pieces, for Christmas. Filled with reprinted … Continue reading

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