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What to Wear on Elephants, 1979

How fitting that this photo of three women adventurers was sent to me by Lizzie Bramlett of the blog The Vintage Traveler.  Lizzie has sent me many snapshots, but this is by far the most exotic. A handwritten message on … Continue reading

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Donna Karan in the Black

I’ve never bought anything by American designer Donna Karan—her clothes are far above my price range.  But after reading her new autobiography, My Journey, I think I might have been influenced by her approach to clothing. In the late eighties, … Continue reading

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Christmas Party, 1947

  What did you wear to your work related holiday party? I see a sharp generational divide among these Home Demonstration workers in North Carolina. The older set wears suits and dresses, two even in hats, while younger women are … Continue reading

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The Wedding Party, 1967

Are there two brides in this picture, or one bride and a very well dressed matron of honor? The back of the photo gives no clues, reading only “Gail, Bill, Barbara, Ruth, 6/10/67.” The father doesn’t look happy, but who … Continue reading

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Late to the Tri Chem Party

When I first saw this post card offered by a favorite ebay dealer, I thought it was for some kind of home dry cleaning or stain removal service. The company’s motto printed on the back, “Partners in Progress through Chemicals,” … Continue reading

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“Stout Figures Present an Interesting Problem,” 1914

What is the cause for the problem of stoutness?  Aging.  That is the analysis of the editors of The Home Pattern Company 1914 Fashions Catalog, republished by Dover books. “When a woman begins to leave youthful slimness behind and sees … Continue reading

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Sonia Delaunay—In Living Color

This summer I have been reading a lot about the Russian born French artist and textile designer Sonia Delaunay, mainly to console myself for missing a big exhibit of her work in London. Born in Ukraine in 1885, she was … Continue reading

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Seventy Years Young by Emily M. Bishop

As you might imagine, I read a lot of books on aging. In general, the authors fall into two large camps. The pessimists contend that aging is a process of limitations; gradually we lose skills and eventually we die. The … Continue reading

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Mema’s Grandmother, 1954

A German reader and sewing blogger, Mema, sent me a photo of three generations of her family taken in 1954. She is in her eighty year old grandmother’s arms, with her laughing mother in the background. They lived in a … Continue reading

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Ida’s Style

Below Michelle Braverman, of the blog Allways in Fashion, remembers her mother, Ida Ruskin. If I could describe my mother’s fashion life in one word it would be disciplined. While that may sound strict, the thoughtful restraint she showed in dress … Continue reading

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