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The Cheerful Granny Takes Flight, 1953

The cheerful granny, an enduring image in American advertising, gets to take a trip on an airplane in the Saturday Evening Post in June 1953.  Since she was often used to introduce technological innovations to the middle class, like high … Continue reading

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The Cheerful Granny of 1925

“’Shhh, here’s the bedtime story,’” the ad copy reads. “As easily as she finds the page in her book, Grandmother sets the dial of the Kennedy. Riotous fun stops.  The familiar voice of a friend whom the children love but … Continue reading

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The Cheerful Grannies Dance

The image of the cheerful granny, used in the past to sell big ticket items like refrigerators, was completely transformed in this 1991 advertisement for exercise routines.  In this case, Beverly Gemigniani, founder of the group, was selling something that … Continue reading

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The Cheerful Granny Keeps Cool, 1956

Since the weather is still hot, it’s a good time to share this ad for the Frigidaire “full house” air conditioning system featuring a cheerful granny. The text sells the central forced air system as a boon for family life, … Continue reading

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A Cheerful Granny on the Phone, 1958

It has been a long time since I have written about the Cheerful Granny, a staple of American advertising in the mid-twentieth century. I knew it was time for an update when Jen Orsini of the blog Pintucks sent me … Continue reading

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The Cheerful Granny at Christmas, 1957

Pictured with family members and used to promote  household products, the Cheerful Granny was a staple of the American advertising industry in the early to mid twentieth century. I was drawn to this advertisement for the chain store Penney’s because … Continue reading

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Cheerful Granny, Baby Boom Edition

In this 1945 ad for Carnation Milk, two grandmothers hover over a new baby, as if welcoming in the American baby boom generation. The women are a new edition of the Cheerful Granny, a staple of American advertising.  In this … Continue reading

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Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom from Want,” 1943

This image by American painter Norman Rockwell appeared in the Saturday Evening Post on March 6, 1943.  It was part of series inspired by President Franklin Roosevelt’s 1941 inaugural address, where he advocated a world based on what he called … Continue reading

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Sixties Style Wars

What was it like to be an older woman in the 1960s?  This was the decade of the “youth quake,” when Diana Vreeland of Vogue killed off Mrs. Exeter, the magazine’s model of how to be stylish and old at … Continue reading

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Lady Bountiful, 1946

In this Thanksgiving week centered around family and food, I thought it would be a good time to revisit the cheerful granny of advertising fame.  While the role of this fictional character was always to sell products, in the post … Continue reading

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