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On the Street in Chinatown, ca. 1900

When did women in the United States start wearing pants on the street?  It depends on where you look.  This picture from San Francisco’s Chinatown shows that pants were common attire for women of Chinese descent at the turn of … Continue reading

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The Embroidery Club of Orange, California 1914

It’s not all that easy to find photos of older women in costume.  Most of these happy ladies look young, but a few, center right, might be pushing fifty. Many have chosen decades past for their inspiration, but two have … Continue reading

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Pants Party, 1934

This picture needs its own short story, or maybe its own novel. At the center is a young man with some sort of hanging logo for the radio station KTRB. He is surrounded by women young and old, many wearing … Continue reading

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Teddi Winograd and Teddi of California

Just when I think that I have a basic knowledge of California sportswear, I discover something new. The brand Teddi of California, started in 1962, was featured in the June 1966 issue of California Stylist.  It was already doing big … Continue reading

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Opening Night at Fashion Island, 1967

Fashion Island is a fancy outdoor mall in my neck of the woods. My husband, who has become interested in local history, found this photo on the Irvine Company website. Note the Mickey Mouse shaped balloons. It’s not too far … Continue reading

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Those Polyester Sixties?

Although synthetics began to make their way into American clothing after World War Two, I have always thought that they did not really triumph until the 1970s.  All those leisure suits and disco outfits in bright, indestructible fabric seemed to … Continue reading

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Lisette Model’s “Woman with Veil,” 1949

You may be forgiven for not knowing the name Lisette Model (pronounced with a long o, as in toe). She hasn’t made it onto the list of those most often cited in the American photographic pantheon. If she is mentioned … Continue reading

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A Fashion Show in California, 1930

While a change in the decade does not always mark a change in fashion, 1930 brought big shifts in fashion. Hemlines dropped and the waist line for women returned to its natural position. That meant that many popular styles from … Continue reading

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Elsé California

If you sew, you know that there has been an explosion of independent pattern companies in the past few years. Although the number of these companies is unusual, pattern lines outside of the Big Four (Butterick, McCalls, Vogue, Simplicity) are … Continue reading

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Halloween in Covina, 1979

It’s not as hard to find pictures of older women in Halloween costumes as you might think. Of course they are not on the streets trick-or-treating; instead, look for them at Halloween parties. The Los Angeles Public Library provides a … Continue reading

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