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Book Review: Dressed for the Photographer by Joan Severa

Although this book addresses a specific time and place—the United States from the 1840s to 1900—it contains a wealth of information useful to anyone who is interested in how photographs can be used to study the history of fashion. The … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Lost Art of Dress by Linda Przybyszewski

This book must have been a lot of fun to write. American historian and expert seamstress Linda Przybyszewski examines the work of talented women, whom she calls the “dress doctors,” who set standards for American dress in the early and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Fashion and Age by Julia Twigg

This slim volume, just 150 pages, packs a big punch. British sociologist Julia Twigg examines current writing on the body, fashion, and aging; she also conducts her own research on how older women see their clothing choices and how fashion … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Study of Dress History by Lou Taylor

I can say without exaggeration that this is a book that changed my life. When I was just beginning to think of studying the links between age and clothing, Lou Taylor’s book convinced me of the vital importance and intellectual … Continue reading

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Book Review: Diana Vreeland, Empress of Fashion by Amanda Mackensie Stuart

The word “scopophilia,” the love of looking, might have been invented for Diana Vreeland. If she didn’t find something worth looking at, she would invent it. “Why Don’t You… wear violet velvet mittens with everything? Tie black tulle bows on … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Truth about Style by Stacy London

This book is more about changing attitudes towards clothing than a “how-to” manual on fashion choices. The author, co-host of the American TV program “What Not to Wear,” discusses her own problems with body image with moving candor.  She then … Continue reading

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Investment Dressing, Valentina Style

In the mid 1940, the couture house of Valentina charged about $1000 for a gown, worth around  $14,000 today.  This is a lot of money by anyone’s standards, but the clothes were designed to last a lifetime.  According to Kohle … Continue reading

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What Becomes a Legend Most—The Designer Valentina

The Russian American designer Valentina Sanina Schlee (1899-1989) was a gifted self promoter. Part of the exodus from Russia in the wake of the 1917 Revolution, she encouraged the idea that she hailed from the Russian aristocracy although her roots … Continue reading

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Book Review: Power Dressing by Robb Young

In this thought-provoking book, British author Robb Young examines the wardrobe choices of First Ladies and women politicians from around the world.  With a brief glance backward, he begins his detailed analysis in the 1980s and continues up to 2010.  … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Thoughtful Dresser by Linda Grant

If you have not yet discovered the novels of British writer Linda Grant, seek them out.  They are a treat for anyone interested in how clothes express character in fiction. Her Booker Prize nominated The Clothes on their Backs is … Continue reading

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