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Kitchen Aprons in the War Effort

In my ongoing effort to show that not all female war workers during World War Two were young, I bring you these two photos from the Office of War Information.  The top photo shows two women sorting artillery shells in … Continue reading

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Lucy at the Iron, 1950s

This wonderful photo comes from my friend Louise and her sister Alice.  It depicts their paternal grandmother, Lucy, sometime in the mid 1950s.  Born in 1900, she would have been in her fifties here. There is so much to love … Continue reading

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Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom from Want,” 1943

This image by American painter Norman Rockwell appeared in the Saturday Evening Post on March 6, 1943.  It was part of series inspired by President Franklin Roosevelt’s 1941 inaugural address, where he advocated a world based on what he called … Continue reading

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An Immigrant Family, 1906-08

I find many of the photos for this blog in thrift stores, at flea markets, and on sites like eBay.  Most of them are not dated, which means that I have had to teach myself how to make educated guesses … Continue reading

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The WPA Sewing Project

In the US, most of us have probably come across a bridge or a trail that was built by the Works Progress Administration (WPA), the Depression Era government sponsored employment agency.  Not only did the program build bridges and sponsor … Continue reading

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The Woman in the Kerchief

Sometimes found photos are like a little mystery story.  When and where were they taken? Who is in the picture?  What prompted the photo?  I know none of the details here, but my guess is that this is an extended … Continue reading

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LA Retro, 2011

In my quest to integrate public transportation into my life, I took the train to LA last week to visit my friend Sally. (Of course, it is a pretty long drive from my house to the train station!) It was … Continue reading

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An Apron Medley, 1900 to 1937

According to the informative book The Language of Fashion by sewing expert Mary Brooks Picken, aprons are used both to protect and adorn clothing.  In some eras, like the American colonial period, some aprons were made of lace and worn … Continue reading

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Hand Sewing, 1940

Unlike many seamsters, I actually enjoy hand sewing.  Perhaps that is why I was attracted to this FSA photograph from 1940.  As is the case with many of these photos available from the Library of Congress, this one comes with … Continue reading

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