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The Garrison Family at Schroon Lake, 1908

Well known for their progressive politics, the Garrison family was involved in the abolition movement, efforts to repeal the Chinese Exclusion Act, and the fight for women’s suffrage. This photo comes from the Garrison Family collection at the Smith College archives.  … Continue reading

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A Woman in a Feathered Boa, 1920s

Feathered boas go in and out of style.  Searching on the wonderful home economics site Hearth, I found instructions on how to clean them in a housekeeping guide from 1908. You shake them out and then dip them in gasoline! … Continue reading

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Group Portrait at the Abyssinian Baptist Church, Harlem

Although this photo was taken in Harlem in the 1950s, for a London reader it evoked memories of her Jamaican born grandmother. “Their tailored suits reminded me of how my grandmother, a Jamaican woman who moved to London in the … Continue reading

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Fashion Advice for Older Women, 1925

Given the flood of clothing recommendations for aging Baby Boomers today, one might get the impression that this was a new industry. However, this is hardly the case.  Magazines geared to middle class American women were already targeting the older … Continue reading

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Twin Talk

Ever since I discovered the Texas Twins, I have been interested in what these very close pairs wear as they age.  My local newspaper, the LA Times, recently featured a story on the death of a famous San Francisco twin, … Continue reading

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Smart Accessories for Wartime

During the Second World War, most combatant countries had rationing programs that included clothes and textiles. A bibliophilic friend from England sent me this wonderful little pamphlet, Smart Accessories to Make from Bits and Pieces, for Christmas. Filled with reprinted … Continue reading

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