Traveling to Internment, 1942

Calisphere has a large collection of photos by Dorothea Lange documenting the round up and deportation of Japanese Americans during the Second World War.  The most poignant of these show individuals and families waiting for transport, their possessions scattered all around them.  In this particular photo, a woman stands in front of written lists, perhaps indicating where individual families were headed.  Manzanar and Tule Lake were the major sites in California.

The older woman in this photo waits next to a collection of small bundles tagged for transport, which include a wrapped up umbrella.  (In some photos, the individuals themselves are also tagged.)  Her coat is definitely in style for the era, belted with big shoulders.  Her lace-up shoes are a popular style for older women.  She has put on a festive flowered hat, which looks particularly out of place for this sad occasion.

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