Flowered Sheath Dresses, 1968

According to Mary Brooks Picken’s The Language of Fashion (1939), sheath dresses first emerged as full length gowns around 1910.  They were “straight, narrow, and close fitting, with a tube-like silhouette.”  In a knee length version, they came back into fashion in the 1960s, made famous in the US by Jacqueline Kennedy.  It is worth noting that Michelle Obama has also made this look her own.

If my photo collection is at all representative, many older women chose sheath dresses in the 1960s.  They were simple, stylish, and could be made to flatter older shapes (although they didn’t always).

These two women have very similar styles, judging by their hairdos, glasses, shoes, and necklaces.  They both wear very colorful sheaths.  In this photo, the one on the left had better luck making the dress work for her.  Perhaps it is the longer length and roomier shape.

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  1. Carolyn Boyd says:

    At least these sheath dresses are not overly short. Once the mini took hold, sheath dresses ended several inches north of the knee, not a flattering look for older women, however fashionable they might want to be. At the LBJ Ranch, the welcome video shows Lady Bird and Lyndon seated on a sofa and talking about the ranch and what it means to them. She is wearing a very short sheath dress in a pastel color and struggling to keep her knees pressed together. It is pretty undignified and rather sad.

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