Easter Sunday, 1960

Easter60I love Easter photos because they show women in their dress-up clothes and give you a sense of what the codes for proper attire were at the time. In this photo, taken just as the fashion revolution of the sixties was getting started, many elements are in transition. Both women have on floral hats, marking both Easter and Spring. Both wear coats on what looks like a breezy, somewhat chilly day.  Their coat styles are quite different, however. The younger woman on the left has on a dressy version made from a shiny material with a wide collar and elbow length sleeves, covering up her lower arms with very long gloves.  Comparing this coat to styles in Jonathan Walford’s excellent book, Sixties Fashion: From Less is More to Youthquake, it was an up to date look for the year 1960. Her older companion, most likely her mother, wears a more traditional cloth coat but no gloves.  Although I thought that fashion rules of the time would dictate that shoes and purse should match, note that hers do not. She also has no trouble wearing white shoes before Memorial Day.

Unfortunately, we can’t see anything of the older woman’s dress, but the coat length is certainly consistent with clothing from the fifties. Her companion, however, reveals that skirt lengths were on the rise.

This is as much a car photo as a fashion shot.  On the back is written, “Easter Sun., April 17, 1960. 1960 Plymouth.”

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5 Responses to Easter Sunday, 1960

  1. Love that picture. The woman on the right looks exactly like my grandmothers looked in that era. And I love the coat, matching long gloves, skirt and bag on the woman on the left. Thanks for sharing!

  2. How nice that someone gave both women those enormous corsages. A son/husband, perhaps?

  3. What an interesting photo! I love the younger woman’s unexpected choice of light brown bag and shoes, and I think the mother must have pulled out the winter coat on an unexpectedly chilly Easter morning. There’s no explaining the black handbag though!

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