Mother Daughter Fashions, 1920s

evenolderHere is evidence that mother daughter style disputes can last a lifetime! The daughter on the left, maybe in her fifties or sixties, shows an interest in the current fashion.  She wears a dropped waist dress with a long slim line. Her shoes are a popular twenties style, and she wears them with flesh colored stockings. Note that she has also bobbed her hair.

The mother, maybe in her seventies or eighties, has a more tenuous relationship to the prevailing styles.  Although her dress has a dropped waist, it is very full at the bottom and also quite long.  Her hair is gathered up on the top of her head, a style she might have worn for decades. She has on sensible black lace-up oxfords, long beloved of older women, worn with heavy black stockings.

I’ve imagined a conversation between the two. “Mother, you could look more up to date if you just changed your shoes.”  And the mother’s terse reply, “I don’t take advice from someone who has cut off all her hair.”

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3 Responses to Mother Daughter Fashions, 1920s

  1. What an interesting photograph! The mother’s dress might help explain the odd dress that is 1920s in style, but much too long.

  2. sally says:

    You don’t say what’s your evidence that they are mother & daughter and not, perhaps, two sisters 10 or even 15 years apart? (And why do I care about this, I wonder?)

  3. Think the older woman lived on a farm and the younger lived in town? One or both were probably immigrants and while the younger one embraced modern style, it looks like it was too much change for the older one.

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