My Cashin Coat

Cashin1My generous friend Sally surprised me with this coat the other day, an amazing gift from someone who has already given me many beautiful things. I had casually shown her the ebay listing for the coat and later mentioned that the bidding had gotten too rich for my blood. Knowing my fascination with Cashin, she secretly jumped in and got the coat for me. Although I’m not a collector of vintage clothing, I will certainly treasure—and wear–this piece.

Cashin2Judging from the label, the coat was made in the 1970s.  It looks unused. Maybe that’s because of its bright persimmon shade, not everyone’s cut of tea. The cut is a roomy car coat style with raglan sleeves and gigantic side seam pockets, definitely made for someone on the go. The top stitching is a bright white.

Cashin3Several elements cry out Cashin—the sturdy canvas base fabric; the matching leather binding all the way around, including the hems; and the distinctive turn screw closures. Do you think the coat has been waiting all these years for someone who loves orange?

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5 Responses to My Cashin Coat

  1. Jen O says:

    You lucky girl! That is a wonderful coat, both to own and wear, and the juicy color is so much fun too. Cashin was rarely shy about color, which I think is a part of her continued popularity. What a great friend to have–enjoy your new coat!

  2. Wow, that is awesome, and so is your friend!

  3. Oh wow! It is great and you look great in it. That lonely coat has found a home at last. And persimmon–what a great word for a great color. (Sorry with all the “great”s but orange deserves such superlatives.)

  4. Carol in Denver says:

    That is a beautiful coat and you look wonderful in it. I know you will savor each moment you wear it!

  5. I love this color, and you are the perfect person to give the coat a second life. What a lovely friend!

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