The Cheerful Granny of 1943

Coolerator43As in the previous decade, the image of the cheerful granny was a favorite for advertisers.  This ad shows the members of a multi-generational household happily growing and storing food from their victory garden.  It attempts to convince readers that buying a refrigerator for granny to organize and oversee is an act of patriotism.

This granny is remarkably similar to her predecessor.  Her her long white hair is swept up into an old fashioned bun.  Her dress, in its conservative dark print, is much longer than the current styles of the 1940s.  Both the longer length and the lace collar indicate that her tastes are not up to date.

Despite her traditional appearance, this granny enthusiastically embraces modern technology.  It is also worth noting that this particular old woman looks very trim and fit.  Perhaps that was also part of the advertisement’s promise.  With a new refrigerator to store healthy food from the garden, even granny can hope for a slim shape.

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  1. Bob says:

    Interesting that the refrigerator is so full of so much at a time when rationing was on. Found this website that gives some descriptions from Ames Historical Society.
    It doesn’t look like everything could have come out of that Victory Garden!

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