Twin Talk

Susan Ragan, Associated Press

Susan Ragan, Associated Press

Ever since I discovered the Texas Twins, I have been interested in what these very close pairs wear as they age.  My local newspaper, the LA Times, recently featured a story on the death of a famous San Francisco twin, Vivian Brown, whose sister Marian now carries on without her. Although one might expect such a story to make California news outlets, it received coverage as far away as Florida. Apparently the twins were San Francisco celebrities, dressing alike for decades. “There were the fitted white suit jackets with pleated skirts, veiled hats and white fur coats; the red wool Ellen Tracy suits with black felt hats and black gloves,” one admirer is quoted as saying.  Their leopard print cowboy hats were a particular favorite of residents and tourists alike.

Although the twins were remembered for their fashion sense, photos show that they did not follow any current fashion trends.  Instead, they gained attention for sporting accessories and styles from earlier times—coordinated purses, gloves, shoes, hats, and veils. They were not simply fashion eccentrics—they were eccentrics times two.  I wonder how many aging twins realize their power to fascinate by wearing matching outfits long past childhood.

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  1. Julia Lupton says:

    I am glad you picked up on the LA story; I have been following it too. My sister Ellen and I still dress alike (though usually not 100%; we like to vary things a little so as not to seem too “silly”) when we get together. It’s fun for us, and we usually get some attention. Great for photos, too!

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