Trimming the Tree, 1950

From Calisphere

From Calisphere

This tree, put up by the Soroptimist club, might have been the biggest one in Banning California in 1950. The organization, new to me, was founded in the 1920s and still exists today.  It caters to business and professional women who use their talents to help women and girls in their communities and around the world.  Although this photo might be staged, it sends the message that women are perfectly able to put up a very big tree without any help from men. There is no snow in sight because this small town is located in Southern California not too far from the desert community of Palm Springs.

The two women at the top of the ladders are in pants, perhaps a necessity given their location. Those on the ground wear a range of outfits, from tailored suits to rather shapeless coats.  By the year 1950, boxy clothes were out of fashion and the New Look, with a nipped waist, was the style.  The heavier shoes of the 1940s, including platforms, had also disappeared from magazines.  However, in this small town you can still see elements of the 1940s, particularly in the shoes and the jackets.  Maybe even successful businesswomen didn’t have the will, or the funds, to change their wardrobes completely in the face of new styles.

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  1. Robert Moeller says:

    Or maybe if you were walking around in the dirt and trimming a tree outdoors, you wore last year’s fashion.

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