Stripes and Solids

It’s cherry season in this 1967 photo showing two women in front of a heavily laden tree.  While it’s difficult to guess their ages, their clothes indicate that they have very different understandings of what to wear in the summer.

The woman on the right has on a sleeveless light colored cotton house dress of a shape and length that might go back to the fifties (or even the thirties).  On her feet are sensible black shoes; she has not even changed the color to mark the season.

The woman on the left, however, is more in tune with the current sixties style.  Her shift dress is not a mini, but it certainly has some similarity to the shapes of dresses worn by younger women.  Judging by the wrinkles at her waist, it might be made of linen, a more expensive fabric than cotton.  I love the contrasting stripe detail on her pockets, but someone (the woman herself? a dressmaker? a manufacturer?) did not take the time to match stripes on the collar.  In another indication of her more up-to-date style, she is wearing what looks like strappy sandals.

I wonder if these two had heated discussions about clothes.

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