Through Thick and Thin, 1966

Here are two body types that I associate with older women.  The one on the left is more common, with a heavy chest, expanding abdomen, and large high hip.  She has cinched her dress in so that she still has a waist line, but it is not where her waist used to be.  In many commentaries, you will hear this referred to as a “matronly figure.”  The woman on the right has a less common figure type, but also one that I see in old photos. She has lost (or maybe never had) a curvy shape and doesn’t seem to have a defined waistline at all.

Both women (sisters? best friends? neighbors?) wear belted dresses.  If I use the classification from the Ohio study, the dress on the right looks like a house dress, while the one on the left is a little fancier wash dress.  If it hadn’t had a hand written date on the back, I would  not have guessed that the photo was from the 1960s.  One thing is certain—the belted style isn’t doing either of their figures any favors.


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