Lady Bountiful, 1946

In this Thanksgiving week centered around family and food, I thought it would be a good time to revisit the cheerful granny of advertising fame.  While the role of this fictional character was always to sell products, in the post war period she was often shown celebrating abundance in the kitchen.

There are familiar elements to her look: granny glasses, apron, and a conservative hairstyle.  However, there are some updates as well.  She is wearing a cheerful green polka dotted dress—not the dark colors that were common in earlier representations.  She is also wearing elegant pumps—no sensible shoes in this modern kitchen.

Isn’t it interesting that older women became symbols of post war prosperity?  Perhaps this is another incarnation of  Mrs. Exeter. While that high class lady spent her money on clothing, the cheerful granny invested in new kitchen appliances.

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  1. Bob Moeller says:

    Bet you wouldn’t find this in advertisements in the UK, France, let alone Germany in 1946. Pretty amazing announcement of winning the “good war” was going to make possible for Americans.

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