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Gloria Steinem–Feminist Icon, Style Icon

I may be one of the only people who read Gloria Steinem’s new memoir, My Life on the Road, for the clothes. But unlike many early second wave feminists, Steinem is clearly a woman who takes great pleasure in what … Continue reading

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Eunice Johnson—Fashion Leader and Activist

If you are not yet convinced that fashion is an inseparable part of social and political life, take a look at the long and influential career of Eunice W. Johnson, 1916-2010. Born in Selma Alabama, she moved to Chicago for … Continue reading

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Martha Stewart, An Older Icon?

Like many Americans, I am a sucker for self-help books.  That’s why I have a stack of “what-to-wear/what-not-to-wear” tomes  in my work room.  It’s also why I jumped to buy Harper’s Bazaar’s compendium, Fabulous at Every Age: Your Quick and … Continue reading

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Millicent Rogers, An Older Icon

Technically Millicent Rogers barely qualifies as an “older icon,” since she died when she was just fifty. However, she was feted and photographed so often in her relatively short life that she had an influence on how American women dressed. … Continue reading

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Alva Vanderbilt Belmont, Older Icon of the 1900s

If you think you have a pushy mother, you should read about Alva Smith Vanderbilt Belmont. Born in 1853 to a gentile Southern family in economic decline, Alva married a son of Cornelius Vanderbilt in the 1870s.  With Vanderbilt money … Continue reading

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Vera Neumann—Older Icon of the 1960s

  Let me begin with a confession—I was a collector and consumer of Vera scarves in the 1960s.  The new book about Vera Neumann’s career by Susan Seid, Vera: The Art and Life on an Icon, is a nostalgic trip … Continue reading

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Older Icon of the 1920s–Elsie de Wolfe

Elsie de Wolfe, the famed interior designer, lied about her age.  According to the birth date on her passport, which many questioned, she was at least 57 years old when she was featured in a Ladies Home Journal fashion spread … Continue reading

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