The Hester Love Nest, mid 1920s


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  1. There are more women than men, but they are not young teens — more in their early twenties. This could be an office instead of a school. There is a stork on the chimney of the house, and a heart in the center — perhaps this is a going away party for a woman who is about to get married? Or perhaps an engagement party for the couple in the center? He’s smiling, but he looks a little embarrassed — she doesn’t look like she’s enjoying it, though. Also, there’s a lot of confetti on the tables in front. The song “The Love Nest” dates to 1920, from the musical “Mary.” [It later became the theme song for the Burns and Allen TV show (1950 to 1958,) which I loved.]

  2. I really have no idea about what’s happening (though I do like Witness’s ideas) but it’s stuff like this that keep us searching through old photos for the interesting stories from the past.

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